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Marin < 3

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Marin < 3

27 ratings

this avatar is mostly made from scratch by me ><
for the people using marin's dps version with no poiyomi pro please watch the last video all the way through!
DPS & NO DPS VERS, FBT, 3.0, 2019 SCENE, PREFAB, FBX, NSFW Clothing toggles (previewed)

Dynamic bones OR Physbones, DPS (POIYOMI PRO FOR FULL DPS FEATURES), PoiyomiToon7.2.41, VRCSDK3 REQUIRED < i am not responsible for this


Base: Torinyan edit not allowed for reuse
Face: Sugs#9795 edit not allowed for reuse
Spring Joint System: JustSleightly#0001
DPS: Raliv
all clothing and hair made by me strelizias#0002

156.7k Tris
33.74 mb in game

please refer to my tos on my page
you're not allowed to take parts from this avatar regardless
you automatically agree to them when purchasing this avatar
discounts will not be given out on a 1 person basis. if there is a discount then it will be announced in my server. it is simply not fair for the people buying it for full price and you not have to pay full price thank you.
any problems please message me on discord or join my server

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Unity package containing everything needed for marin other than what's stated.


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